Certified TBF Trainer, Facilitator, Online Facilitator

I discovered Transformational Breath® in 2007.  My initial experiences were extremely powerful and Transformational Breath® quickly became an integral part of my life.  I was able to heal from grief, my deeply rooted anxiety, and severe respiratory allergies. I completed my facilitator trainings in 2010 and became a certified trainer in 2016.   What I love most is to witness how the breath enables people to contact their own truth. They deepen and improve quality of the relationship they have with themselves. Their authenticity, inner harmony and wisdom emerges from their own breath.  Seeing this permanent shift in people fascinates me and fills me with gratitude!   
My spiritual journey with Transformational Breath® led me towards shamanism and I completed two separate shamanic practitioner trainings.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I recently became Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner. I am trained in Anatomy and Physiology, Brain Gym I & II and Optimal Organization and Dynamics of Movement.

Work Locations
Canton of Geneva: Geneva Region
Canton of Vaud: Lausanne Region
English, French, Turkish
I discovered the Transformational breath during a workshop held by Alev in Geneva. I appreciated her respect for each one of the participants. Her confident and laid-back way to facilitate the workshop has created a safe place to be, for breath and growth.
During one Breath cycle, the pieces of 10 years of personal development came all together.
It is not only about breathing, it is about connecting with life and the forces we must need: courage, clarity, compassion, peace, strength,… All is already there for everyone, just in the air we allow to breath in…
A wonderful journey into my body, following the path taken by an empowered breath. Pains, emotions, thoughts come alive and are removed or replaced, in the most natural way. – OB