Certified Group Leader, Facilitator

Breathwork has been central to my practice since 2002, for it not only facilitates healing of the physical body, heart and mind, but it also serves an evolutionary function for the spirit.
What I love about Transformational Breath® is that it always feels gentle, even when massive shifts are occurring. Sometimes they are tiny adjustments - it doesn’t matter. It is always a movement towards yourself - nothing more or less than what you are ready for.
Since 1995, I have combined Western psychology with the wisdom of the Ancient Healing Arts. As a psychologist, Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner, I teach the tools that have transformed my own life. I trained with Transformational Breath® Founder, Dr. Judith Kravitz in Italy, as well as in Bali, Mexico, Spain and Ireland. I have shared my in-depth understanding of breath through classes, workshops, retreats and magazine features in Asia, North America, and Europe. Those experiencing life transitions, relationship difficulties, loss and separation from friends and family, health challenges and work pressure have benefitted from my deep support.

Work Locations
Canton of Basel: Basel Region


I have done a significant amount of personal work in my life and I found Danielle at a time when I felt the courage to dig even deeper into my personal evolution. I had experienced various breathworks before, but Transformational Breath® was new to me. 
With Danielle, I felt safe and willing to breathe fully and deeply into the places that did not show up before for me. I appreciate her gentle approach in words and touch as she held the space for me to breathe with depth and intensity. Through tears and insights, falling into memories which could finally dissolve... like light dissolving darkness.
During the sessions, I would rise and deep dive into a realm I would describe as divine space, a feeling of transcendence.
After the session this lived experience of transcendence left a felt presence in my body that lingered and continued to affirm my commitment to the breathwork process.  Danielle gave me the biggest gift of the space and support with her presence. It is her present. - BM