Dianne Mecklenburg, Basel

TBF Certified Facilitator

I unintentionally learned about Transformational Breath when a friend asked that I come along to a workshop in 2007. I was very impressed and immediately began completing as many courses possible to become qualified as a senior trainer. I learned, however, that my greatest joy was in working directly with ‘the breath’ of those who came seeking more inner peace rather than teaching. When I facilitate, the effect is not only for the client, but – and it is true every time – I also experience a positive effect for myself. That makes it a win-win.

I am certified in several energetic therapies with focus on applying techniques that complement other services; that is, help other methods achieve better outcomes (medical and alternative medical treatments), as well as being stand-alone procedures. These are The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™. These techniques also support the counseling service I have offered for more than 15 years concerning Weight Management.
I am a clinical research scientist and now a medical writer. In that capacity I have worked directly in hospitals and clinics, taught other health professionals, and lectured internationally on the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing-impaired individuals.

Work Locations
Canton of Basel: Basel Region

English, German

You helped me overcome the mind fight between “I must and I don’t want to breathe at all!” I was surprised how difficult “letting go of control” feels. I felt the session moved things inside me, extending its effects longer than the session. - SN