Iris Stalder, Zürich

TBF Certified Facilitator


I'm a TB-Facilitator since 2014. After my first session, I was so impressed by the power of breath, that I decided to get to know everything about and to share this amazing selfhealing method with as much persons as possible. The breath is simple, he is always with you and essential. The breath influences your (well)beeing on every level. The breath has given me so much positive changes, that I wish that you are curious to make your own experience and start the journey with the breath. I will support you with my full presence and inner guidance.

Since I was young, I had a deep interest in questions about health and why things are as they are. Accompanied by lots of selfstudies and readings / lectures, I absolved different trainings in Shiatsu basics, Yoga, Coaching, Energy- and Breathwork to Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®. Many years of self-experiencing different healing modalities and studying several life-philosophies influence me while working with clients. 

Work locations
Canton of Zürich: Zürich Region

German, English

My first session was at a major event and I was a little skeptical. In the first 20 minutes I felt that something big was moving me. The experiences during this time are not easy to put into words. The breath moved me, took up space, partly like a birth, sounds that just appear, strong physical affects and finally incredible feelings of liberation and revitalization. In the 2nd session in the Atemstudio Zürich it was very good for me to start with a topic with whom I wanted to start my session. I soon found myself in the breathing rhythm and experienced a kind of trance. The processes that happened then as intimate as it is magical, very spiritual. Once again I could experience that breath guided me simply and safely and no fear surfaced. Wherever the body condenses or held energy is, the breath brings me in and pushes me into a good  transformation. Likewise, I felt safe, loving and mindful from Iris accompanied. There are really strong forces at work here on which it is a gift to engage oneself. After-fading has been very important to me, a period when I was able to integrate, what was experienced.  - GMS