Karen Boillat, La Rippe

+41 79 247 58 93
TBF Certified Facilitator, Online Facilitator

I discovered Transformational Breath when severe late onset asthma and allergies started to seriously affect my daily life and became debilitating. Having worked with respiratory conditions as a Physiotherapist, I was curious about why I became ill, although I had a hunch it was somehow related to stress and my unexpressed emotions. TBR was a complete new ballgame for me, challenging, energizing and joyous at the same time. I delved deep into the reasons my breath pattern closed and finding my way back to the healthy sporting lifestyle, I had always enjoyed, my breath and life opened up and became lighter, freer and more joyful.
I studied Physiotherapy in Scotland and then subsequently worked in London and Switzerland. While my children were young, I co-managed the family golf business. I have always had a passion for sport ie Skiing, Snowboarding, Hillwalking, Golf and particularly Tai Chi and more recently Taichiwuxigong (Chi Gong with spontaneous movement and sound therapy).  The Work of Byron Katie, helpline qualified; The School of Awakening lead by Eckhart Tollé and A Course in Miracles.

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Work Locations 
Canton of Geneva: Geneva Region
Canton of Vaud: La Rippe Region