Pierre Josis, Granges

TBF Certified Facilitator

As a Rebirthing Coach and practitioner, I participated in July 2016 in a Transformational Breath® workshop at the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC 2016) in South Africa.
I was surprised by the power of this method in spite of a definite experience in conscious breathing acquired during the five previous years.
At the beginning, I decided to participate in a "Reclaim your Breath" weekend in Switzerland. The experience of the breathing sessions practiced during this weekend allowed me to deeply appreciate the benefits of this precise and complete method.
After this powerful experience, it seemed obvious to train in Transformational Breath®; because I immediately felt how compatible this method is with the coaching approach.
Since the summer of 2017, I have been offering coaching sessions of about 1h30 which allow me to do coaching followed by a complete Transformational Breath® session.
After 20 years of experience as a Consultant & Manager in multicultural and international environments, I have acquired skills in Personal Development and Coaching (Coach of Being, France, 2013). In 2012, I was certified as a Master Coach by the International Coaching Institute (Geneva, 2012).
In 2015, I completed a 3-year training cycle as a body psychotherapist (Brussels, 2015) through personal work combining a letting go technique and conscious breathing (Rebirthing).
Work Locations
Canton of Valais: Region of Sion
French, English

Conscious breathing in the pool: I grab my snorkel and start breathing in the pool.
There, against all odds, without knowing why, I start laughing and I'm afraid of embarrassing the others because I'm afraid it's getting out of hand.
After concentrating a little, I empty my mind and finally I find myself thinking of nothing. Sounds of deep breaths suddenly come out of my throat and visibly resonate outside with the tuba, like my laughter...
It's almost like the soundtrack to the movie The Big Blue. I feel like I'm weightless, it's surprising and quite confusing at the same time.
The session passes very quickly and Pierre, comes to turn me over to get me out of my torpor. On the surface, I realize that I am really and totally in the Cosmos but I manage to emerge quite quickly.
The next day, I am still struggling to recover from this surprising experience. Go for a breathing session, you won't regret it. - Bruno.