Regina Galhardi, Geneva

+41 79 508 74 45
TBF Certified Online Facilitator, Facilitator Intern

I had my first contact with “the breath” in 2016. I was impressed by how fast and deep I reached some hidden emotions. Since then, I’ve never stopped practicing.  My path to find my own true self and inner peace was driven by Transformational Breath®. As this process evolved, I realized that I also would like to be able to help people to reach and release their emotional blockages and become who they really are, without shame, regrets, fears or anger.  My goal is to help others to touch their inner strengths and find peace in their minds and hearts.
Besides breath, I explore Eastern approaches to inner transformation. I practice yoga (Hatha, Raja) regularly since 2015 and am following the Teachers Training Course in Kundalini Yoga.  I have completed the MBSRC (Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction Course) in 2016 and participated in several Insight Meditation retreats.

Work Locations
Canton of Geneva: Geneva Region and Neighboring France Region
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
I have been doing breathing sessions with Regina for nearly a year now and I can only say it is a life changer, a wonderful journey into the depth and marvels of the breath, into life, into health. Regina is a wonderful guide, compassionate and steady throughout this process of discovering every cell of your body, thank you Regina. - EG