We offer various types of workshops and programs for you to explore and experience Transformational Breath®.  They are all suitable for complete beginners. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours allowing you to experience a full Transformational Breath® session.  Breathing and meeting on a regular basis with others will support your journey of inner transformation.  

Introductory Workshops

You can learn the basics of Transformational Breath® in these workshops which last 2 to 3 hours to a full day.  They typically include a Breath Analysis demonstrating the correlation between your breath pattern and your life experience.  In half day workshops you will experience a group breathing session lasting from 20 minutes to one hour. In a full day workshop, you will have a chance to experience two sessions of Transformational Breath®. 

Reclaim Your Breath™ (2 Days)

This 2 day workshop is the official introductory training of the Transformational Breath® Foundation.  You will experience four to five sessions, learn about the three levels of Transformational Breath® and have a chance to discover your unique breath pattern.  You will and gain tools to integrate Transformational Breath® into your daily life.  

Seminar (Levels I,II,III) (6 Days)

This 6 day program combining levels I, II and III is the official personal level training of the Transformational Breath® Foundation.  This highly transformative and powerful program offers two to three breath sessions each day. There are numerous exercises and various ways of working with Transformational Breath® is explored with the aim of empowering the participants, so that post-program they can practice on their own.  Completion of the Seminar (Levels I,II,III) is a prerequisite for professional level programs. 


Transformational Breath® Seminar (Level I, II, III)

Transformational Breath® Seminar (Level I, II, III)

Transformational Breath® Level IVA


6 - 11 March 2022

26 Sept - 1 Oct. 2022

6 - 13 Nov. 2022


Les Granges, Vaud

Kiental, Bern

Les Granges, Vaud