What happens in a session?

Before your session your Facilitator will take some time with you to identify and formulate your intention for the session.

Transformational Breath® is done fully clothed. It is advisable that you wear comfortable and soft clothing for the session.

Please, do not eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before your session but please, also do not come without eating.

During the breathing session you will lie down or sit with your back supported in a comfortable, safe space.

Your Facilitator will observe your breath pattern and gently guide you to breathe Transformational Breath®.

Gentle acupressure, affirmations, toning and simple physical movement techniques will be used to relax and open your breath.

Session is usually accompanied by music.

You will breathe Transformational Breath® with active music for about 45 minutes. This active part of the session will be followed by a 10-15 minutes of integration and completion with a more quiet music.

After your session, there will be time to discuss your experience and answer any questions you might have.

Each session of Transformational Breath® is a unique experience, so coming with an open mind is important.

Typically, after 4 to 6 Facilitator-guided sessions you will be able to practice your own short sessions.