Why practice Transformational Breath®?

Breathing is essential for life.  It allows the human body to receive oxygen it needs to sustain itself and its activities and to get rid of the main waste product, the carbon dioxide.  Although breathing is automatic, it is also possible to control it, as in talking or whistling.  We hold our breath to control our overwhelming emotions.  Over time this becomes habitual and our breathing becomes restricted.  In turn the  effectiveness of this essential function becomes limited.  This can manifest as physical illness, lack of energy or a feeling of emotional depletion.      

Transformational Breath® encourages us to re-learn to breathe in an open and relaxed way, using our primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm.  Diaphragmatic breathing has many benefits for the physical health of the body.  Transformational Breath® Facilitators are trained to observe the breath patterns and apply techniques to help open the breath.  Opening the breath enables us to access the repressed emotions we were trying to control with our breath, resolves and integrates these without having to talk or engage in complicated mental processes.  

Based on the extensive experience worldwide, some of the observed benefits of Transformational Breath® are as follows:

improved and balanced energy levels
improved circulation
better detoxification and improved immune response
reduced stress, worry and anxiety
improved self-esteem and self-confidence
clearing of trauma, emotional pain and grief
relief from depression and burn-out
support for recovery from abuse and addiction
support for recovery from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
increased creativity, focus and clarity
deepening of meditation and expansion of awareness

We make no claims to cure disease and recommend that individuals should always consult medical advice.