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Transformational Breath® is a Registered Trademark and may not be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF). When using our registered trademark for non-commercial purposes, such as in news articles, commentaries, and the like, we ask that you use our mark only as an adjective and to identify it with the registered trademark symbol ®.

US Trademark Certificate
Turkish Trademark Certificate #1
Turkish Trademark Certificate #2

FOREIGN BRANDS: TBF uses and claims International Brands in foreign markets as either a registered mark or through common law rights:

  • Transformal Nefes®
  • 喜悦呼吸 (Joy Breath)™
  • التنفس التحولي

The TBF has an established Certification Program for its practitioners and certified practitioners are allowed to use the Transformational Breath® mark provided they do so only under certain conditions. Certified practitioners are urged to carefully review their certification materials to ensure that their use is in compliance therewith and to contact TBF if they have any question about their use of the Transformational Breath® trademark.

An official Certification Rights Letter follows to: (a) inform the public about what is a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator™, and (b) define rights to use the title (or similar) in commerce, and (c) who is authorized to grant and enforce such rights.

Certification Rights Letter


Privacy Policy

Website Data and Tracking

This website does NOT employ Cookies. We do not place any data or files of any kind on your device. There is no way for us to track you, or your online activities, as an individual.

The only personal data that we collect via this website are: name, email address, and possibly, goeographic data, if voluntarily added to our mailing list via our web Subscribe form.

Email addresses entered via our Contact Form are NOT retained as this does not represent permission to use for marketing purposes. Therefore, we use that data only to reply to such inquiries.

We do use Matomo on this site to aggregate data concerning items such as how much web traffic we generate, which pages visitors view, how long they stay on the site, which sources (search engines and other websites) lead visitors to our site, what search keywords are used to find us, and so on. These data help us reach more people by understanding their collective needs, but again, cannot be used to uniquely identify an indovidual or device.

Our Data Collection

Aside from our website-related data, we necessarily collect a broad array of personal data with our business activities. Here we define our responsible practices concerning your personal data.

  • No-Sell, No-Share Promise: The Transformational Breath Foundation respects your privacy and will not sell, lend, or give away any personal information you provide. Whether collected through trainings, workshops, web forms, phone, or in any manner of personal contact, such information will be used only for legitimate business purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, completing e-commerce transactions, conducting events, and keeping you informed of what is happening in the Transformational Breath® world.
  • Types of Data: Through this website, we collect and store name, email, and some geographic data that is provided through our mailing list sign-up form. Through our offline business activities, we similarly retain attendance data when one attends one of our training programs or certain Workshops. For those who progress into our certification programs, we track their progress on meeting all staffing certification requirements. At training programs, we prudently collect a health history to ensure comfort and safety during our breathing sessions. For financial transactions we do have data necessary to complete transactions (through our secure online ecommerce site and/or point-of-sale situations at events). Other retained data might include survey responses, inquiries via email, registration needs and preferences.
  • Data Security: We are in compliance with national and international laws such as GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) as far as providing protection of personal data and the right for the individual to have your data deleted. Our data online is kept with secure third-party services featuring secure protocols and respectful practices to protect you. Data collected on paper are kept in our office in a secure headquarters facility. Only those within the organization that have a "need-to-know" will have access such personal information.
  • Oversight: We have a corporate Legal And Compliance Officer who is responsible for oversight of all company policies, both internal and external. This includes complying with laws extending from the local level all the way to International. This person also serves as a de facto Data Protection Officer.

Refund Policy


This policy applies to any paid events hosted by Breath Ventures Inc. dba Transformational Breath Foundation ONLY where Judith Kravitz is the lead Trainer. For events posted on the worldwide schedule which are led by other Trainers, please refer to the terms set forth by those Trainers during your registration process.

Event Cancellation

If TBF cancels an event, all tuition paid is fully refunded to Student.


If a Student notifies TBF beforehand that they cannot attend, all tuition paid is held as credit with the following provisions:

  • The money becomes "Transferable" to another event lead by Judith Kravitz, but Not Refundable.
  • The funds held may be transferred to a future "equal" event (e.g. Seminar for another Seminar) or be "upgraded" and applied towards a higher level training (e.g. a Reclaim Your Breath™ to a Seminar).
  • The transfer is valid for 12 months. (Time extensions are permitted if no other applicable event is offered within the next calendar year beginning on the date when the transfer/credit is granted).
  • The funds are not transferable to another person.
Extraordinary Circumstance

For rare occurrences such as natural disaster, acts of God, war, plague, event venue closing down, or any unforeseen situation that neither TBF nor Student has control over, the transaction is regarded as a Rescheduling and/or Relocation. The funds become transferable with the same provisions as above. Please consult with the TBF Office to find the best schedule option to continue your training.

Please Note:

If you cancel late and we incur charges for your room, your deposit will be used to cover those charges and the remaining balance will be transferable toward tuition.

Internet-Based Events

For Tele-Seminars, or any Internet-based events, above terms apply.